Chakra Events

We had no online presence before Bamboo Branding. Suddenly we’re entertaining bloggers and celebrities at the restaurant! The improvement through social media engagement has genuinely been tremendous which is why we continue to work with Bamboo today and are now putting additional funds into targeted adverts.


One Retail Group

Their marketing and branding support was invaluable. Having a brand refresh is never a simple process but Bamboo Branding provided clarity and guidance throughout the whole process allowing us to continue developing the day to day business while the rebrand took place.


Mimosa Events

We worked with 4 different marketing companies prior to Bamboo Branding and haven’t looked back since – The creativity they bring to the table is exceptional and the variety of cross platform marketing and branding they implement is seamless.


JL Photography

Bamboo have been exceptional to work with. From creating the website through to developing a solid marketing strategy which has generated an abundance of high quality business, they’ve been brilliant. The business has really taken off and we’re now working with celebrities and high end businesses!